So, you want to get a hold of me. I'm so, so sorry.

You can email me. sehro at sehro dot org.

There's twitter, I guess:

I have Facebook and Instagram accounts, but I don't pay attention to them.


Oh, you want to watch me play games? Twitch is your destination. There's not really any sort of schedule. Sorry about that.

Archives from my random-arse Twitch streams are sometimes put up on Youtube, but I'm really lazy, so don't expect too much. Editing, uploading, blah blah blah.

You heard I make music once in a while? Yeah, I guess I do. Bandcamp. Bam. Be warned, however, I'm not very good at it.

Cosplay photography? Yeah, I do that. Not near as much as I used to, but I'm trying to pick it up again now that the plague is (mostly) over and the cons are waking up again. LCHFX is my site for that shite. It's kinda terrible, but it is slated for update soon.

Other Things

Gitlab? Yeah, okay.

Keybase? Uh-huh.

That's... I mean, that's basically it. I'll probably add a gaming section at some point, but... meh. Can't be arsed right now.