On Dark Souls

I try to avoid weighing in on stuff like this, because I don’t like to talk about my own limitations. Raised to power through and all that nonsense.

Sane, reasonable accessibility options like subtitles and/or captions, colour blind modes, control remapping, etc, are engine details, and there exists no option besides laziness to avoid adding them.

If even Bethesda can do it, YOU can do it

Difficulty of the game, however, is a more complicated subject. If we take games as an art form, as a medium of expression, the game play is almost always as important and distinct a facet as the artwork, or the dialog. I say almost always, because there are obvious exceptions.

Let’s say that one of the innumerable COD series came out with only one difficulty: Insane mode. That would be the same as Land Before Time 8 only being available in Latin, while all the rest of the entries are widely translated. (There are 14 of those, by the way) A single entry in a series designed to be heavily mass marketed, aimed clearly at the General Populace (or whomever it is they aim such games at) wouldn’t be artistic merit, it would be Being A Dick(TM).

Then there's gachas, that do it for the money. Weird how nobody's complaining about that.

However, a game (or series) aimed a niche crowd, with very explicit restrictions on it’s play and build, with a very firm artistic intent? Naw, that’s just art, dudimus.

Not everything is designed for everyone. Reasonable accommodations exist, and are easy to expect even of the most obscure of art pieces in this particular medium. But not everything is going to be an entry in the Land Before Time series. Sometimes, there’s an Eraserhead, or a Dark Souls, and a lot of people are going to get easily frustrated with it, because it’s Not Easy To Digest/Play. That may even be the point.

That’s art, baby. And if you don’t like it, well... go watch the Land Before Time.

Sometimes the art is the horrible things we visit on friends along the way

Note, I don’t play the Souls games because I can’t be arsed to “get gud newb” and that sort of “Die until you don’t anymore” play style ruins a game for me. My personal enjoyment (or lack thereof) of someone else’s art doesn’t affect its’ right to exist.

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