So, this is a website.

It's not the best website ever. Clearly. But it's mine, and I'm happy enough with it.

Ain't nobody invited you to be here.

No, there really isn't much here. The main reason for that is... I'm lazy as hell. Before this ghost-based version, there was a single-page website that had a couple pointless links and was in no way accessible. Which, considering how I feel about the way the world treats the disabled (of whom I count as one), was particularly shit of me.

What am I going to use this for? Iunno, I might ramble about something techy. Or whinge on about media creation or politics or the like. Whatever else, there will be memes.

Lots of memes.

Mostly, it's something to give my ramblings an outlet without having to deal with other sites and their "rules".

Oh, and there will never be a comments section. There won't be any community engagement, or fancy schmancy widgets or whatnot. There's sharing links because the theme I use has them, and I can't be arsed to figure out how to turn them off.

There will, however, be furry shit.

This is a basic ass blog, run by a terrible degenerate. And yes, I'm well aware that goes to my tumblr account. Didn't I already mention how terrible I am? It is what it is.

Hey, you came here. You brought this on yourself.

Spotted Cow: Bep-Bep. Your Uber has arrived.
Brown Cow: Oleg, what the fuck?

I am Oleg. Welcome to my hellsite.

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